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Editorial review

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The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 7.0
Araxis Merge is an advanced multiplatform merging and comparison utility. This application makes it possible for us to compare two different files, and view all the differences between them.
With this tool you can compare and merge documents, images, files, and folders. The comparison report can be saved as an Unix diff, an HTML file, an HTML slideshow, or an XML file. The report is the best part of this program and it deserves a separately mention because of its excellent quality. This report provides information about each compared files, including their names, locations, and their last modified dates. We can also view a comparison summary, plus a graphic image that displays the content of each file, and the differences between them which are clearly highlighted in red. The context-sensitive user interface is quite smart and it supports many languages and character codes. We may search and replace, print, edit, etc. It is possible to set the color of the user interface, use syntax highlighting, and much more. Although this program has two editions ( Araxis Merge Standard, and Araxis Merge Professional) there is only one free evaluation version for both of them. This fully-featured trial version corresponds to the Professional edition. This is due to the fact that the only difference between the two versions is that the Profession edition lets us compare and merge three items at a time.


  • Free trial for 30 days.


  • No uninstall option.
  • E-mail registration required.

What's new in version 2014.4


- The Apache Tika library used by Merge to extract text from various types of files has been updated to the latest version. This should improve the ability of Merge to extract text from previously problematic files.
- The ability to search backwards in text comparisons has been added.
- If support has expired for the configured Merge serial number, the Update Available notification message will indicate if a new serial number with renewed support is required to use an available product update.
- Files and folders can be dragged from a folder comparison by holding down the Alt key when initiating the drag operation. (The Alt key is required so as not to affect the pre-existing drag-to-select behaviour.)
- Conflict, edit and bookmark markers are shown in overview strips.
- The 32-bit version of Merge includes the 64-bit Windows Explorer context menu extension for use on 64-bit versions of Windows. This improves the compatibility of the 32-bit version of Merge when installed on a 64-bit version of Windows. Araxis continues to recommend using the 64-bit version of Merge on 64-bit Windows.
- An additional Windows Registry location has been added for OEMs to specify startup preferences.
- When necessary (as determined by Araxis support), Merge can be configured to skip problematic codepages and locales during startup and when populating codepage/locale lists.
- A new Windows Registry value, HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Araxis/Merge/7.0/TabCloseOnRight, has been added. When set to 1, tab close buttons will be located on the right side of the tab. This option is unsupported.
- A limited, unsupported, as-is UI with old-style menus and toolbars has been reintroduced for users who have a strong aversion to the Ribbon. Please contact Araxis for details.

Defects fixed:

- For long lines of text in a file comparison that are wrapped on to multiple display lines, line numbers are shown on the first (rather than last) displayed line of text.
- Filters are correctly applied to files even when filenames have been entered with trailing whitespace.
- It is possible to save and re-open a comparison workspace that contains a three-way folder-comparison-with-file-comparison.

Publisher's description

Araxis Merge is an application that performs advanced 2 and 3-way file comparison (diff), merging and folder synchronization. You can easily compare source files, web pages or contract drafts. Also, you can generate HTML, XML and UNIX diff reports to share with your colleagues.

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    Guest 7 years ago

    Awesome! If you need to compare and synchronize files from 2 or 3 different directory
    trees, you need this. It is actually a developer's tool even more than a sys admin
    tool because of its byte-for-byte comparison capability that tracks changes between
    versions of the same file. I got it to try because a critical backup process had failed and
    time was too short to rerun the entire backup. Merge 2008 let me get things
    back on track in a quarter of the time. I STRONGLY recommend!